John Legere elegantly implies that BlackBerry will be the next MySpace

John Legere elegantly implies that BlackBerry will be the next MySpace
The verbal battle between John Legere and John Chen, the CEOs of T-Mobile and BlackBerry, continues!

It all began with an innocent T-Moble marketing promotion, which allowed BlackBerry users to trade their device for a new iPhone 5s. This enraged lots of BlackBerry users, who are subscribed to T-Mobile, and their complaints quickly reached John Chen. Apparently, he did not fancy the campaign, too. Chen expressed his subtle outrage about the carrier's practices by commenting on the issue in a blog post.

John Legere did not remain idle and addressed the CEO of the Canadian manufacturer in a rather salty way. He expressed his desire to “engage John Chen on Twitter”, but it turned out that he is not there. Legere nails his brutal statement by saying that he would check if Chen's on MySpace, hinting that BlackBerry will continue to be the underdog of the mobile industry, an outsider just like MySpace.

Still, John Legere finishes his verbal spree on Twitter with the statement that there's “something in the works”, which might be hinting that both T-Mobile and BlackBerry are trying to pour some oil in the troubled waters and renew their once-fruitful partnership.

source: @JohnLegere via SlashGear


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