John Legere - the hero Wireless deserves, but not the one it needs right now

John Legere - the hero Wireless deserves, but not the one it needs right now
There are a lot of epic ways we can refer to T-Mobile's John Legere - the Un-CEO of the Un-carrier; the AT&T Party Crasher; the one who got 80 000 customers to send break-up letters to their carriers on Valentine's Day; the one who hears users "loud and clear" while laying some of the sneakiest Twitter jabs out there; the one who said his main competitor's network is "crap" on camera without batting an eyelid; the nastiest Santa the other US wireless carriers never hoped to see dropping from their chimneys; But it's not only his renegade antics that keep entertaining us. Right off the bat, the way he breaks his trade's suit-and-tie dresscode with a casual-elegant attire and hair long past "business-long" reflects the way in which he set off to break the US carrier market for the greater good. 

John Legere is a riot, but it seems that we went an entire week without the man making headlines! Understandably, we felt worried, so we took off to his social media profiles to check if he's alive and well. It turns out that not only is Mr. Legere fine and dandy, but his output on Instagram and Twitter is a rock & roll show! Some of it is comedy gold. Some of it is so down-to-earth, you wouldn't believe that this man runs a billion-dollar business. 

Get a load of John's recent antics that went under the media's noses:

source: John Legere (Twitter, Instagram)

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