Is T-Mobile's Project Black a $50 unlimited voice and data plan?

Is T-Mobile's Project Black a $50 unlimited voice and data plan?
Whether it is called "Project Black" or Project Dark", T-Mobile is apparently working on an announcement that could rock the boat in the cellular world. Part of the makeover is...a makeover. T-Mobile employees will be wearing black tops and grey pants while selling you a phone. And the lineup of devices will include the BlackBerry Bold2 9700, the Maemo powered Nokia N900, and one other Nokia N-series handset. So far, so good. Here is the kicker, Based on information from a BGR tipster with connections to the carrier, T-Mobile will offer an unlimited plan that includes voice, data, MMS, SMS all for $50. Holy MetroPCS Batman! The plan is to be called "Everything Unlimited" which is about as truthful a title as you can conceive. The slogan will be "More for less". This could be a game changing event and if it happens, we wonder how many of the other guys will be making a beeline for their spreadsheets, calculators and pencils to see if they can match or beat the new rate. Of course, nothing has changed until we see the print on the paper announcing the new plan. Until then, we are all in the dark.

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source: BGR

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