Is NVIDIA run by aliens? Crop circles used to promote new 192 core Tegra K1

Is NVIDIA run by aliens? Crop circles used to promote new 192 core Tegra K1
NVIDIA scared the heck out of people in Salinas, California when it created a giant crop circle to promote its just announced Tegra K1 SoC. The owner of the property claimed to be unaware of how the giant pattern appeared just before the end of the year. Some press reports noted the resemblance of the design to a computer chip, but one report had visitors to the site baffled over the repeated use of the number 192 written in braille. Of course, we know now that the Tegra K1 carries 192 cores.

The owner of the property, Scott Anthony, hired security guards to keep the public away, and he eventually plowed over the design. An airiel photographer named Julie Belanger had spotted the crop circle as she was flying over the field. "It was beautiful. Quite beautiful," she said. And while she added that she believes in aliens, she doesn't think that they would make crop circles to communicate with us.

Well Salinas, we now have the answer to your mystery. There are no aliens involved in producing that strange design cut into the field on Scott Anthony's farm. It was only silicon slinger NVIDIA.

source: NBC, HuffingtonPost  via Phandroid




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Hey, I moved from Salinas in 2012 and I had a few people contact me about them. Now they let us know what is going on. Lol.

7. ePoch270

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I can't wait until Apple announces their A192 chip. It will revolutionize the industry and show how innovative Apple really is. /s

6. g2a5b0e unregistered

I remember a very similar situation last year when the Tegra 4 was announced with its 72 GPU cores. Everyone was so excited & look how that turned out. Not very many devices ended up using it. That being said, it would be nice to see a little more diversity in the market this year. Qualcomm pretty much ruled the roost in 2013 & with good reason. The Snap 800 was the best chip on the market by far. Hopefully, Samsung (Exynos) & Nvidia (Tegra) can regain some ground. Competition is good. It'll force everyone to say on their A game.

8. sprockkets

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If you check out the tegra note 7 review at anandtech you'll see it be neck and neck with apple's a7 and sometimes exceed it. Makes the N7 look slow. Too bad it can't match battery life though.

5. RaKithAPeiRiZ

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\~ ^-^ ~/ "Aliens"

4. itsdeepak4u2000

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192 cores on GPU is really a damn good thing and a very superb concept.

2. Reality_Check

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The video was awesome. I saw everything in it -.-

1. PapaSmurf

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192 cores... DAMN!

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