Intel says Android not ready for multiple-core processors

Intel says Android not ready for multiple-core processors
There you are with your Android phone sporting a dual-core processor and you're wondering why sometimes the software isn't as snappy as you'd like it to be. According to testing conducted by Intel, not only is Android not ready for multiple-core processors, having more than one core could actually be harming Android performance.

Inet says that it wasn't until April 2011 when Android 2.3.4 became available that the OS was really ready to embrace dual-core processors. Before that, you had Android devices shipping with dual-core power that was not being taken advantage of by the OS. Mike Bell, GM of Intel’s Mobile and Communications Group, says that the thread-scheduler on Android is not ready for multiple-core processors and in fact, the multiple-cores are actually a detriment for users. Bell says Intel's testing showed multiple-core processors running at a slower speed than single core. He adds that testing shows that adding a second core leads to current leakage and a low power threshold because of the size of the case. This means that there might not be any advantage to Android users using a multiple-core processor.Bell says that running multiple-cores makes sense in situations where power management isn't an issue and the OS has a good thread scheduler. Android isn't there yet, according to the executive, and when the OS goes to do a single task, "a lot of other stuff stops." As you might imagine, Intel says it is up to those companies producing chips for Android devices to make sure that the OS meshes better with multiple-core processors.

source: TheInquirer via  PocketNow

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