Instagram denies that it is testing ads that use 3D Touch and Apple Pay

Instagram denies that it is testing ads that use 3D Touch and Apple Pay
Earlier today, we told you about a report which claimed that Instagram is testing unique ads that would use Apple's 3D Touch to deliver a new shopping experience. The new system would integrate with Apple Pay, and allow shoppers to complete a transaction without having to leave the Instagram app. Additionally, shoppers would be able to look at different versions of a product (like color options) by applying lighter or heavier pressure to the screen.

For those unaware, the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus feature 3D Touch. This allows the screen to differentiate between a light, regular and heavy touch. Apple and iOS developers have used the feature to add extra functionality to applications. Today's rumor has Instagram using it to enhance the capabilities available to online shoppers.

It sounds like an interesting use of 3D Touch, except for one thing. It is not true. Today, the Facebook owned picture sharing app denied that any such testing is being done. Instagram not only denied that it is testing the use of 3D Touch for ads, it also put the kibosh on talk that it was entering the world of online shopping. An Instagram spokesman said today, "Mobile commerce is definitely a space we are looking at closely. However, this isn't something we are testing at this time."

While Instagram isn't yet ready to enter the world of online shopping, some analysts say that the site is ready explode in terms of hosting mobile ads. The app could generate close to $2 billion a year in revenue from advertising through 2017.

source: SlashGear



6. insta-follow

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It's really well written!

2. TSMan2

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Another day, another advertising of the 3D iBS 'magic'. Hidden though. LOL That's how the propaganda works, and how every BS Apple make, looks 'cool' at the end of the day.

3. bucky

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1. darkkjedii

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That means, that's exactly what they're doing.

4. tacarat

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Or "thanks for the idea, we'll start tomorrow".

5. darkkjedii

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Lol right.

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