Image of molds for 2017 iPhone units shows size comparison between the three models

Image of molds for 2017 iPhone units shows size comparison between the three models
Tipster SlashLeaks has posted a picture that allegedly reveals molds that will be used in the production of the 2017 iPhone lineup. That includes the Apple iPhone 7s, Apple iPhone 7s Plus and the 10th anniversary edition dubbed the Apple iPhone 8. The image tells us how big each model will be compared to the other units. The Apple iPhone 7s will be the smallest of the three models, and will be the only one of the three to have a single camera on back.

Now, you might expect that the Apple iPhone 8, with its rumored 5.8-inch display, would be the largest. Instead, it is only slightly bigger than the iPhone 7s. How does Apple pull off such magic? Well, by giving the iPhone 8 an edge-to-edge display, the bezels are removed. In addition, only 5.15-inches of the iPhone 8 display is believed to be active; the rest is supposed to be used for a virtual Touch ID button that will be embedded in the display. That is, as long as Apple is able to iron out the kinks in the technology in time to include the feature on the phone. Otherwise, Apple will resort to Plan "B," which calls for a physical Touch ID button on the back of the phone.

The molds also show that the dual-camera setup on the iPhone 8 will be positioned vertically. The dual-cameras on the Apple iPhone 7s Plus will stay in the same spot and orientation as seen on the iPhone 7 Plus.

In addition to the molds, SlashLeaks posted a picture allegedly showing the back of an iPhone 8 dummy unit. Once again, we see that dual-camera setup is placed vertically.

According to Morgan Stanley, the 2017 iPhone models will launch on time, which means that the devices will be released in late September. The premium iPhone 8 is rumored to have a premium price above $1,000.

source:SlashLeaks via AppleInsider

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