Humor: Facebook Messenger formally introduces itself to everyone

Humor: Facebook Messenger formally introduces itself to everyone
The mainstream media did a real disservice to its readership when it reported on the months-old news that Facebook was going to begin forcing the use of its Messenger app as a dedicated messaging tool.

The move will not affect everyone, but if you are in a developed market, and have a high-end smartphone, expect the changes to be made and expect the uninformed to wail about the sky falling.

It took a few days before Facebook shared some information to calm the masses, but even with that, the scare tactics continue to fester. Such things happen all the time, but for Facebook, the world’s largest social network, and a company known to dance along the edge or privacy, or so it would seem, the fear mongering made for some great popcorn entertainment for those that know better.

The reason for the divergence in apps is due to the enhancements in functionality of Messenger itself.  By not have a humongous ubiquitous app, updates will be easier to manage, performance will be more stable for each app, and there can be deeper features sets implemented.

That said, in the wake of all the hoopla, you can imagine what it would have been like for Messenger to take center stage in a formal introduction. Would you have brought tomatoes?

source: The Joy of Tech


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