Huawei is the new official smartphone provider for Chinese officials, Samsung and Apple outlawed

Huawei is the new official smartphone provider for China
Back in August, we told you that the Chinese government officials and agencies representatives have been officially barred from using Apple products due to some serious privacy concerns. The reason for this are the inter-global intelligence tensions between China and the USA, but it seems that Cupertino's greatest rival, Samsung, has been dragged into the spy-related saga as well. The smartphones of the South Korea-based giant are now also among the banned mobile devices that Chinese officials should stay away from. The reasons for this move are once again of security ones, but it was also said that the Chinese government will try to further boost the development of some local manufacturers.

Enter Huawei, one of the largest smartphone makers in China and in the world as a whole, the new official mobile device provider for Chinese officials and government employees. This will allegedly help the Chinese government and agencies create a better integrity between one another. Nonetheless, Huawei also got involved in the spy games at a certain point - allegedly, it was a victim of NSA and has been spied upon by the latter

Samsung, on the other hand, joins the likes of Apple, Microsoft, IBM, and other Western companies that saw China gradually (and sometimes literally out of the blue) move away from their products. The largest country in the world also is developing its own, Linux-based operating system (COS).

source: ITHome (translated) via GSMDome

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