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Would you prefer a screen hole for the front camera instead of a notch?

Notches, begone! Would you like drilling a hole in the screen better?
Vivo tries to avoid a notch design with a pop-up front camera on the Nex, Oppo introduced an elaborate slide-out system in the Find X, and Samsung simply opts for a cold, hard bezel there, albeit of the extremely thin variety. Phone makers are trying to solve the notch-or-not conundrum in pretty inventive ways these days, but Huawei might soon one-up them all with an upcoming 6-incher, according to a Korean media report today.

Big or small for today's notch-y standards, the top bezel protrusion that houses the speaker and front camera on the Huawei P20 and P20 Pro is still there, and an eyesore for those who hate screen cutouts with passion. So, what do? Well, Huawei may have decided to avoid the subject matter altogether by simply... drilling a tiny hole in the LCD screen of its future phone to place the front camera there, and call it a design day. That'll teach them. The Essential Phone, which essentially pioneered in the West the small top protrusion we started calling a notch since Apple introduced a giant one in the iPhone X, comes to mind. Its top thingy only houses the selfie camera and is very minimalistic. 

The protrusion still connects with the top bezel, though, so Huawei may have decided to do away with the whole bezel peninsula concept, and take the drill bit to the LCD display. All fine and dandy, but apart from the camera there also needs to be a fit for the earpiece somehow, and the publication shows it might simply be incorporated in whatever top frame is left, similar to the scheme you see above. This is why we wanted to ask you what do you think about this design as a stopgap solution towards notch-less phones with minimalistic frames?

Would you prefer a screen hole for the front camera instead of a notch?

source: ETNews (translated)
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