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Huawei P30 Pro & P30 Q&A: Ask us anything

Huawei P30 Pro & P30 Q&A: Ask us anything
Our P30 Pro review is live, concluding that, yes, Huawei has actually released an excellent high-end device once again. Tremble, Samsung, be afraid, Apple!  Well, not really, despite coming up with excellent Android flagships, Huawei will likely remain a runner-up to the two market leaders without a solid presence in the US, which is unlikely to become reality anytime soon.

Anyway, we digress. 

Our review has answered many of the glaring questions regarding the P30 Pro, but there's always the chance we've glossed over something or missed a minuscule detail that somehow happens to be of great importance to you. 

Go ahead, ask us anything pertaining to the Huawei P30 or the P30 Pro and we'll be happy to answer! Have in mind that the answers will be given in a separate post in a few days' time, as usual.


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