Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro can be used for contactless temperature measurement

Huawei Honor Play 4 Pro can be used for contactless temperature measurement
Huawei's subsidiary Honor's latest phone has a built-in infrared temperature sensor.

Fever is one of the major symptoms of COVID-19, in addition to dry cough and fatigue. That's the reason why you see non-contact forehead thermometers being used in many places today. Sure, they might not be as accurate as conventional thermometers, but they can take temperature of many people at a time. 

The IR sensor is integrated into the camera system of the Honor Play 4 Pro. To take readings, all you have to do is launch the app and hold the phone on top of somebody's forehead. The entire process has been documented in a video posted on the social networking website Weibo and Android Authority was kind enough to repost it.

The Honor Play 4 Pro can detect temperatures from -20°C (-4°F) to 100°C (212°F).

Some might say this is a gimmicky move but it's not uncommon for smartphones to feature IR sensors, so it's kind of smart of Huawei to use the IR module for health purposes. In the coming months, we will probably see more manufacturers follow suit.

Honor Play 4 Pro Specifications

Of course, we understand no one would buy the Honor Play 4 Pro for its temperature taking capability alone. So, here go the specs: a 6.57-inch LCD display with two pinholes to house the dual selfie camera, in-house Kirin 990 chipset which allows for 5G connectivity, 8GB of RAM, 128GB of internal storage, a dual rear camera setup, and a 4,200mAh battery.

The phone is only available in China at the moment and sells for around $420. Like other recent Huawei devices, it doesn't have Google's apps and services.


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