How to disable those pesky open Wi-Fi notifications on your Android device

How to disable those pesky open Wi-Fi notifications on your Android device
We've all seen it - that one pesky notification that pops up when open Wi-Fi networks are available in your immediate vicinity. 

Of course, it could be mighty useful for many, but it's also certain that the majority of users out there don't want to hook up to an open Wi-Fi hotspot due to the security risks this poses. Sure, we all dig free stuff, but you should always remember that nothing in the world is free - real communism will always remain a fantasy utopia. Sorry, Marx and Engels!

Anyhoo, all Android devices let you disable that notification as long as you're willing to do that. Sure, the menus might differ from one device to another, but in general, the option you want to tick off is always found in the "Advanced settings" menu in Wi-Fi settings. We've used an LG G6 for the purposes of this tutorial, but the sequence should be pretty similar on any Android device out there.



1. Tyrion_Lannister unregistered

Or you can turn off wifi when you are not using it. Saves battery too.

2. tokuzumi

Posts: 2005; Member since: Aug 27, 2009

HTC has disabled this in their HTC 10. Or maybe they have hidden this elsewhere in the OS

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