How to create a real holograph using your smartphone

How to create a real holograph using your smartphone
Remember that recent news report on a New York City television station that showed a holographic display shooting out from a device mistakenly called the Apple iPhone 5? Obviously just a concept device, the clip was played by mistake. But recently someone in Japan created a real holographic image using an Apple iPhone 4S and a prism crystal.

You can create your own holograph using any smartphone and a -3.75 index prism crystal. The phone is placed on cardboard stands with the screen hovering right above the point of the prism. Once the phone is turned on, you will see a 3D image inside the prism. And unlike some other YouTube videos showing holographic displays, this one is not a concept or a projection but is a real honest-to-goodness holograph.

You can put this together yourself by purchasing the prism crystal from any reputable science store...oh, and May the Force be with you.

source: YouTube via SlashGear


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