Housing for unannounced Apple iPad mini 4 appears in video and still pictures?

Housing for unannounced Apple iPad mini 4 appears in video and still pictures?
Out of France today comes images that allegedly reveal the housing for the unannounced Apple iPad mini 4. This would be the sequel to the Apple iPad mini 3 which was launched last October. Based on these images, which includes still photographs and a video, the iPad mini 4 will take its design cues from the top-of-the-line Apple iPad Air 2.

The leak didn't include any specs for the slate. The screen size of the three previous iPad mini tablets were the same 7.9-inches and there is no reason to expect anything different with the new model. On the bottom of the tablet, the four rows of 14 holes drilled for the iPad mini 3 have been replaced with two rows of 10 holes with the connector port in the middle. In addition, the lock switch has been removed from the iPad mini 4 and replaced by a tiny hole most likely for a microphone. This is exactly what Apple did with the iPad Air 2.

We haven't heard much in the way of rumors for the next iteration of the iPad mini line. Most of the speculation has been centered on a possible 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro/Plus which would be focused on the business and educational markets. This slate will apparently offer four speakers and a second connector port (USB 3.0). Accessories would include an optional QWERTY keyboard and a stylus.

Check out a video allegedly showing off the housing to the Apple iPad mini 4 along with some still images by visiting the slideshow below.

source: NWE (translated)

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