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Hardware issues affecting Sony Xperia Z2 owners in Singapore

Hardware issues affecting Sony Xperia Z2 owners in Singapore
Much of the world has not been able to purchase the Sony Xperia Z2. Problems in procuring parts has forced the Japanese manufacturer to push back the release of the phone in many countries. Just the other day, we told you that in Hong Kong, Sony said that its new flagship might not see the light of day until June. This is worrisome for a handset that was introduced at MWC in February, and was expected to be launched in March and April.

One country where it did get released was Singapore. And some who bought the Xperia Z2 there, are wishing that it had been delayed in that country, too. It seems that the phone has a nasty habit of overheating when video is being recorded in 4K. It is enough of an issue that Sony had to release a statement warning Xperia Z2 users to use Ultra HD recording for only a few minutes at a time, and to use external storage to save the video.

Another issue revolves around the 5.2 inch display on the phone, which on some models is coming to the consumer misaligned. This is leaving a gap between the screen and the outer edge of the handset, usually on the top right of the device. This has led to questions as to how water resistant these units are. Sony has responded by inviting Sony Xperia Z2 owners to visit a nearby Sony service center to have their phone tested. This so-called "gapping" has been spotted more on the white version of the phone.

Hopefully, Sony will take the time to resolve these issues before the phone finally is released throughout the rest of the world.

source: HardwareZone, XperiaBlog via AndroidCentral
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