HTC leaks the Touch HD and Touch 3G

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HTC leaks the Touch HD and Touch 3G
Not meant to be seen by the public, the HTC official site hosts some hot information on a couple of new handsets. First, here we have the Touch HD, a feature-rich high-end model. It is the same device that we’ve seen in the spy photos, housing a 3.8-inch WVGA (480x800 pixels) touch sensitive display, 5-megapixel camera, 3.5mm jack, Wi-Fi, 3G (European bands only) and aGPS into 12mm slim body. As the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, the Touch HD runs on Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional OS with TouchFLO 3D, which now has newly added Stocks tab, to “keep you informed of the latest stock quotes”. Although HTC doesn’t note it additionally, there are also other changes. For example, the Weather tab is now showing the forecast not only for the same day, but also for the next four.

HTC Touch HD Specifications

The second new model is named the Touch 3G, which uses the design language of the first-generation Touch, has the same back as the Sprint’s Diamond and will be available in different colors, including black, yellow, blue and brown. Unfortunately, as the Touch HD, its 3G is Europe-only 900/2100 MHz, so it isn’t suitable for the U.S. This one also features aGPS and TouchFLO 3D, but the screen is just QVGA, unlike the VGA found on the higher-end Touch Diamond. One of the photos reveals that the new version of the TF3D interface will also change the way the favorite contacts tab looks.

HTC Touch 3G Specifications

source: HTC via EngadgetMobile



1. itm777 unregistered

Will this phone make it to Sprint in 09? Please say yes.

2. unregistered

No, they are GSM phones and Sprint is CDMA carrier. Sprint already offers Touch Diamond (CDMA) and will offer the Touch Pro (CDMA)

3. ZEO2K unregistered

You never know...They might make a CDMA version for Sprint or even Verzion. It's not like they haven't done that before.

15. unregistered

yeah but I doubt that they will do that with every htc phone that comes out. There has been a lot of HTC phones that we haven't even heard of here in the United States.

4. hargs48 unregistered

Amazing now that HTC only finally gives you a 5MP Camera & 3.5mm Jack...while some other manufactures gave these things 2 years ago...cough "N95" cough... :)

5. unregistered

yeah, but HTC is in another market... so your comment is very very retarded here ;)

6. sojizy

Posts: 26; Member since: Aug 30, 2008

I knew it. Just when i thot i was keeping up with HTC they go and release 3 new phones. Now I'm more confused than ever on which one to get. I'm leaning towards the Touch HD but if there is one in the making with a keyboard then ill go for that. I feel bad for other phone companies....

7. unregistered

it needs to have a slider with tilt screen and of course CDMA for Sprint ;-). I'm going to go ahead and get the touch pro for now (on October 19). When this baby finally hits Sprint I will switch, but that ainlt gunna happen for another 6-12 months I'll wager and I'm not waiting that long.

8. unregistered

Yeah, this definitely makes decision-making more difficult. This phone looks fantastic, but for me, it's lacking one thing to make it a grand slam, and that's the slide-out keyboard, which is very possibly a deal breaker...for now.

9. unregistered

Hmm, With a slide out keyboard this will be a very nice phone.......Anybody know when Verizon maybe releasing there new diamond phones? I heard that they will be 30 days after the release of the diamond sprints phones. I'm wondering if they will wait the thirty days between each phone? Or will they be stupid enough to wait until next year and focus on the new blackberry storm.......This is the same company that watered down two of the nicest phones to hit the market this year....Great service or not....a mistake is a mistake...Why give your rival a edge over your version of a product?

10. unregistered

The red back of the sprint versions isn't really my taste but on the other hand having half a phone on Verizon's network really isn't what I'm looking for either...I hope that there smart enough to make the proper changes in order to save face....

11. unregistered

The blackberry user base has already been established. People love that phone. I was thinking maybe Verizon didn't want the Rapheal to take sales away from the storm.....If I was getting a great phone and I'm the largest carrier at the moment I wouldn't except anything less then the best. Verizon, what the hell happened?

12. unregistered

If the storm sales well, Verizon will be the only company to offer that phone, and they will be only company to offer the next blackberry as well if they meet the sales that they have in mind...So it would make sense to make sure the new touch screen black berry is of major focus when it comes to the next gen phones being released. Verizon users want a better diamond and diamond pro model, An I'm sure that there are some sprint users that would love to get there hands on a the blackberry storm. The difference is sprint didn't make a stupid choice when it came to releasing there version pf a phone to the market in this situation. Wither for the money they saved, or because they didn't want to hurt the sales of the storm this was a bad choice if the power of Verizon's phones are what they have been rumored to be. They won't be crappy phones at all....They just won't be what HTC intended them to be when they were released. I'd still get one if the pro was released before my contract was up lol,

13. unregistered

Touch 3G is so hot

14. magqcc7 unregistered

The Touch HD is going to be the shit. I can't wait to get my hands on this device. Sprint would be idiotic to not acquire this phone. Just like the Omnia, this phone can go CDMA just as well. Omnia is officially off my wish list.

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