HTC Touch HD has large WVGA display!

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HTC Touch HD has large WVGA display!
The Touch Diamond is definitely pretty, but it packs a slew of keys on the front and the display is small (2.8”), although high-res. HTC is going to fix this with the new HTC Touch HD (we’re not really sure it will be named so), which has huge widescreen with 480x800 pixels WVGA resolution. This should really make Internet browsing and working with text documents a pleasure. Video playback will also take advantage of the large display size, but unfortunately the drawback of having only 65,536 colors is still present, as this is a WM smartphone. Just as the Diamond and the Touch Pro, it will feature the TouchFLO 3D interface. The HD will be based on Qualcomm 7201a with processor running at 528 MHz.

source: MoDaCo



1. unregistered

That looks Really nice. WOW.

35. unregistered

Is this even coming out in the U.S.?

2. unregistered

It's like HTC came from out of nowhere

3. unregistered

Htc has made tons of phones not out of nowhere !

6. unregistered

Some of the older models and VZW phones were under the name UTStarcom but they were also HTC phones.

8. unregistered

Almost any phone branded by the carrier in the past on smartphones with keyboards has been made by HTC Verizon. They just started branding their smartphones instead of letting the carriers brand them, they've been making pretty solid phones for quite a while.

9. unregistered

Not just Verizon but AT&T as well.

13. unregistered

I think I get what he meant. Last year we didn't hear of HTC, now they have some of the hottest phones around. They are everywhere

15. unregistered

LOL, welcome to the real world

4. unregistered

looks like the Blackberry Thunder/Storm

17. unregistered

I can bet my right arm that this babe will be 3 times better than the ThundeStrorm

36. unregistered

not with winmo on it, the hardware definately is there though

37. unregistered

running off of windows mobile...pfft i highly doubt it will top the storm

5. unregistered

it will be 3.5" and that is wonderfull!

18. unregistered

Did you read the article!?!? "the display is small (2.8”)" ROFL dude

19. unregistered

maybe you didn't read the article, the display they were talking about is the touch diamond. They didn't mention this size of this phone and it looks a lot bigger than the diamond's screen. "The Touch Diamond is definitely pretty, but it packs a slew of keys on the front and the display is small (2.8”), although high-res."

23. toy unregistered

according to pdadb (the most trusted pda website in the world), the screen size is 4" 480x800 res. It will support only T-Mobile's 1900GSM. And it will have 5MP Camera (never count on that if it was made for Verizon)

31. unregistered

And what is their web address? It's not PDADB

7. unregistered

it doesnt matter who makes it, its still a windows device. "look guys, something shiney"" ooooh its soo shiney.. i wanna switch carriers for it!! its the best phone ever!!" nope, its the same as every other phone, just shinier

11. unregistered

Shove it troll! I'm so sick of you people who want to hate on anything with windows. We all don't share your opinion and don't all want an iphone. Not like they haven't been having some problems lately recently.

12. Likeabite unregistered

Yea please shove it. It's not like Windows doesn't dominate your life. You've operated it at least once in your lifetime even if you have a MAC so please give it a rest. Windows isn't going anywhere and is here to stay, AND DOMINATE mind you. And the Iphone did not just start having doesnt even have copy and paste, let alone video recording, so until you can catch up to regular flip phones don't post another comment again ever in your life. And by the way the iphone is the shiny item with nothing to show at all...and yea HTC is really making it hard for me to get a phone. They dont stop and I love it but damn can I get a phone before you release another one I want lol.

20. that "troll" unregistered

you guys are hillarious. my comment was actually more in reference to mr. "i bet my right arm its going to be 3x better than that blackberry thunderstorm". Like it or hate it, its just another windows device. It does nothing differently than any other well equiped windows device. and btw, they are all buggy. and for reference, i do not like the iphone much iether :)

34. unregistered

that just shows how dumb people can be. If you don't like the phone, you automatically have to have an iphone. That's really stupid. It really gets on my nerves how you said nothing about an iphone and everyone is attacking you. To me it sounds like the Windows people are the real "fanboys." I was suprised when I read, "It's not like Windows doesn't dominate your life....Windows isn't going anywhere and is here to stay, AND DOMINATE mind you. . . ." It really sounds like this guy/girl sold his/her soul to windows. It kind of wierd how Likeabite has such strong feelings. I've seen people who really love their iphone, but i've never heard any of them say the things that Likeabite had to say about Windows. And I'm getting more sick of people complaining about iphone users than I am about people who actually iphones. I don't even see anyone write how iphone is #1, all I hear is "I'm sick of you iphone users blah blah blah blah blah"

41. that "troll" unregistered

yup yup. fanboys are fanboys, and it doesnt matter what camp they come from. "their" device is always the best, and everything else is trash. MS and Apple are the same type of companies, they both release minor updates, proclaim them to be the 2nd comming, and then let the chips fall where they may. This is definatly evident in the new iphone3g. They both have their strengths and weaknesses. its ok though

45. Markdk unregistered

I used to own a Iphone(what a waste)and now I have a HTC touch diamond. This telephone is awesome,easy to handle, and all in all a very nice phone. 4gb is maybe a bit small, but this phone still knocks the Iphone into the dirt.

10. sojizy

Posts: 26; Member since: Aug 30, 2008

HTC is looking to be the Nokia of touch phones. From the MDA (which is when i first heard of them) to well, the newest "Touch HD". I mean the HTC touch Diamond and Pro are ace, and to add this to their arsenal. Oh boy! Its hard for me to even keep up with them. Just when you've saved enough for 1 phone, they release 2 better ones. I'm scared to buy 1 now because i feel like they have an even better "Touch Pro" in the works.

22. JBundy unregistered

"sojizy @ Sep 10th 2008 11:03 am Just when you've saved enough for 1 phone, they release 2 better ones. I'm scared to buy 1 now because i feel like they have an even better "Touch Pro" in the works." My sentiments exactly!!! I was geeked when I saw the new screenshots for Sprint's version of the Touch Pro, and then, while reading on PPCGeeks, I see this effer ... that just decapactitated my thought process. I had my heart set on the Touch Pro ... and now ... I'm so lost. Should I wait for this, because if it is truly coming within the next year (or better -> a Qwerty-equipped cousin, I will save my loot instead of splurging on the Touch Pro.

33. bobtech

Posts: 3; Member since: Sep 09, 2008

I would get the Diamond try it for a month, then get the pro 30 day trial will apply to you to get the pro after trying it out for a month!

14. JoeyStyles

Posts: 78; Member since: May 11, 2008


16. unregistered

this phone looks great, i really hope they will come up with very high capacity battery and a improved sound quality

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