HTC announces its game plan for Android 4.1

HTC announces its game plan for Android 4.1
So what is HTC's game plan as far as updates to Android 4.1 are concerned? The HTC One X and HTC One S are definitely in. After those two, the Taiwan based manufacturer will take a look at other models launched in 2012 to see if any of them can handle Android 4.1. After those models have been exhaustively studied-and only then-HTC will examine its 2011 devices to see if any of them can qualify to be Jelly Bean material.

HTC says that if you own one of their 2012 devices with 512MB RAM, there is a better shot of a full Beatles reunion than of you getting Android 4.1. OK, they didn't say it exactly like that, but you catch the drift. There have been two models launched this year with 512MB of RAM, the HTC One V and the HTC Desire C.

HTC says its Android 4.1 update will come with HTC Sense 4+. Check out the sourcelink for HTC's answers to frequently asked questions about Android 4.1, like why it takes so long for updates to reach your phone. There are a number of buzz words and catch phrases in HTC's response. As you read their reply, think of a pinball machine with the ball bouncing off the bumpers, "Our goal is to make sure that an upgrade provides an improved customer experience (BING!) and that means a high standard of quality (BING!) for hardware compatibility, adapting device or carrier specific customizations, testing by HTC and partners (BING!), addressing device hardware constraints, and many other factors."

Hopefully, your HTC device will make the cut and sometime in the not too distant future, will be powered by Android 4.1. Lost in all this though, is that the most recent Android OS build is Android 4.2.

source: HTC viaPhandroid
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