HTC September 20 event in NYC: Live Coverage!

HTC September 20 event in NYC: Live Coverage!

We are here, finally, at today's HTC'sevent, taking place in NYC! HTC invited us to come and “celebratein style” about 10 days ago, so here we are... though we don'treally know what the celebrations are all about. But, of course,everything will become clear very, very soon, as the event is about tobegin at 9:30AM ET | 8:30AM CT | 6:30AM PT.

So, what are our expectations? Well,we're pretty much in the dark about this one. Our best guessesinclude the HTC Rhyme, the feminine Android phone for Verizon which just got unveiled, as well as the HTC Vigor –a high-end Android phone, said to sport a screen resolution of720x1280 pixels. Whether this will turn out to be true remains to beseen. Of course, we shouldn't forget about the HTC Runnymede, whichshapes up to be one monster of a phone with a 4.7” display, 1.5GHzprocessor and a whole lot more. Finally, a new Sense UI version is always possible on an event like this, so if at least a part of these expectations materializes, we'd be quite happy.

Anyways, we'll see what HTC will putdown here. You can follow our up-to-the-minute updates here, startingat 9:30AM ET | 8:30AM CT | 6:30AM PT, or through our Twitter channel.

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1. jagan unregistered

come on start music!!

2. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

Sounds an awful lot like the Rhyme, but why would they need a big event to reveal a midrange women's smartphone? Hopefully they'll announce multiple new devices.

3. TOdoubleD

Posts: 114; Member since: Mar 28, 2011

Yeah if this is just for the ladies phone, this is a waste of time.

4. V unregistered

Awesome. Thanks.

6. V unregistered

Meant to say awesome coverage. Thanks.

7. iKnowstuff unregistered

HTC is announcing that they are purchasing WebOS, or creating their own.

8. Gcombs

Posts: 136; Member since: Aug 22, 2011

Bull s**t of an event HTC....

10. roldefol

Posts: 4744; Member since: Jan 28, 2011

Hooray for Sense 3.5, but the Rhyme could've been handled with a simple press release. Got my hopes up for Vigor news for nothing. Then again, with a purple swirl and "Celebrate in style", we should have known better.

9. wow unregistered

this was a waste of time. what about the kingdom?

11. lubba

Posts: 1313; Member since: Jan 17, 2011

Its really f'd up when phones are made exclusive to carriers. And how do carriers determine what they bring to consumers?

12. TechAddict

Posts: 7; Member since: Sep 01, 2011

That was a huge waste of my time, I got excited to hear about the holiday and the vigor for absolutely nothing. Why would they waste everyone's time with this?!

13. Forsaken77

Posts: 553; Member since: Jun 09, 2011

Damn!!! That sucked. I was waiting to hear about the Holiday as well. Not some stupid womens' phone that women aren't even gonna care about. Unless the phone can match make-up shades or something it's a waste of time. (And I'm NOT referring to all women btw ;))


Posts: 34; Member since: Jun 11, 2011

I got excited for this!?! What a waste of time!

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