HTC One Developer Edition announced, pre-orders start today at $649 for 64GB

HTC One Developer Edition announced, pre-orders start today at $649 for 64GB
The HTC One Developer Edition is available for pre-orders starting today at 10am EDT. With an unlocked SIM and bootloader, the ultimate in customization choices is yours for the price of $649. The Developer Edition comes with 64GB of native memory and without a microSD slot, you might want every GB you can get. The phone is expected to be available on April 19th which, not coincidentally, is the date that the model ships in the U.S. to Sprint and AT&T.

We have to give HTC credit for delivering the Developer Edition the same time that the carrier branded models will be ready, as this fulfills a promise that was made by the manufacturer. And while there is no getting around the fact that you can't buy this model with a carrier subsidy, 64GB for $649 is not such a harsh off-contract price for that amount of native storage.

The HTC One Developer Edition will run on the 2G/3G/4G/LTE bands of AT&T. HSPA+ support is available for 850/1900/2100 MHz which leaves out the 1700MHz used at T-Mobile for such signals. On the other hand, some of the carrier's markets were refarmed to 1900MHz so there should be connectivity in those areas. And with LTE support for the phone at 700/850/AWS/1900 MHz, T-Mobile's use of AWS for LTE should allow the carrier to support such use of the HTC One Developer Edition.

If you're reading this on Friday after 10am EDT, congratulations! You can now pre-order your 64GB HTC One by clicking on this link.

source: HTC via AndroidandMe

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