Google's new mobile ads know all about you, try to match you up with helpful apps

Google's new mobile ads know all about you, try to match you up with helpful apps
On Tuesday, Google announced a number of changes to the mobile ads on its search engine and YouTube. Instead of users seeing ads related to the search keywords they enter on both sites, the ads they will see are now based on their own habits. Your personal habits are obtained by Google based on the apps you use every day, and purchases you make on your phone or tablet. As an example, Google says that someone who uses an app to measure how far they run, could see ads offering to install an app that measures consumption of food and calories

Google found that 80% of apps are used once and then deleted. To give developers another crack at these users, Google announced a new app re-engagement campaign in AdWords for both search and display. These ads will take users directly inside already installed apps. Google gives an example of a guy with the HotelTonight app installed on his phone. If he uses on his handset to search for hotels in San Francisco, he will be taken directly to the page of the HotelTonight app that deals with hotels in San Francisco, instead of the landing page for the app.

These new app install ads are becoming the rage, and have been adopted by companies like Yahooand Facebook.

source: Google


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