Yahoo! now testing app-install advertisements across its mobile properties

Yahoo! has begun trialling app installadvertisements across its mobile services. The test-ads will appearin its Android and iOS "properties". We assume this meansYahoo's homepage and mobile selection of apps, such as Mail, Weather,Search, Finance, and likewise. 

A Yahoo! spokesperson confirmed thatin-stream ads are being tested within an initial group of advertisersthat sell mobile apps and want to present them to Yahoo's audience.Some of them are online gaming companies Kabam, Free, and MachineZone.

The advertisements seem to be a part ofYahoo!'s broader mobile strategy that would see the former searchgiant gain leverage on the thriving mobile market. So far, thecompany hasn't fully utilized the opportunity in has in the mobilespace. Last year, the company said that half of its traffic comesfrom smartphone and tablet users, but mobile revenue "is notmaterial".

In addition to app install-ads, Yahoo! possibly plans to turn part of its homepage into an app platform,tentatively called "Touchdown." It will serve to point thelanding page's large amount of traffic at an app-discovery service orsome kind of proprietary app-store.

sources: AdAgeand Re/Code


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