Google's Nexus One trademark filing is denied

Google's Nexus One trademark filing is denied
Google's trademark application for the Nexus One was denied by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. The reason was that a company named Integra Telecom has a product called Nexus that offers T1 data connections to businesses. While that is not exactly the same services provided by a smartphone, products do not have to be in the same industry to cause confusion by having the same name, according to the trademark examining attorney who passed down the decision, reported. It would seem that Integra will probably be working out some kind of royalty deal with Google, unless the latter wants to change the name of a product that is strongly connected with the Google brand. Integra says it has not yet spoken with the Mountain View based company, but the joke could be on them. If a royalty structure is devised based on units sold, only 135,000 units of the N-One have been purchased in the first 74 days as we reported yesterday. When the Nexus One was first announced, the family of author Phillip K.Dick considered legal action. Dick's novel, "Do Androids dream of Electric Sheep?" not only had the Android name in the title, the robots in the story were called Nexus-6. Dick's family was seen as the only thing standing in the way of Google receiving the trademark, so the ruling seems to be something of a surprise for the company.

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source: OregonLive via Phandroid


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1. thetwiztidfreak

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I dont know i would think they would have atleast thought to GOOGLE the possible name of a new product to see if anyone else is using it. lol

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