Google sends out another round of invitations for Inbox app

Google sends out another round of invitations for Inbox app
On Wednesday, we told you about the new Gmail app called "Inbox". We explained how the app allows you to better classify your messages by subject, to create bundles. Emails and messages can be snoozed, meaning that they can disappear, only to reappear at the top of your inbox at a certain time or place. And we pointed out how Gmail Assists will help you with the information you need to complete a task you have. For example, if you're supposed to meet a client at Morton's Steak House, Assists can give you the address to the restaurant and include the time of the reservation. It can even provide you with a map to Morton's.

Right now, the app is available via invitation only, as we pointed out. And sure enough, our own Michael H. had managed to wrangle an invite, which he used to pen a  "Hands-On" about the app. We should point out that once everyone read Michael's story, people came out of the woodwork emailing him, and texting him, requesting an invitation to the app.

As it turns out, a tweet sent out by Google on Thursday, revealed that the second round of invites has been released, with more on the way.  If you requested an invitation for Inbox, you should be receiving it soon. And if you haven't requested one yet, you can send your request to

source: @inboxbygmail via AndroidCentral

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