Google raises priority of text messaging bug on some Android devices to "critical"

Google raises priority of text messaging bug on some Android devices to
For the last 6 months, some Android users have been fighting an SMS bug that delivers text messages to the wrong handset. You can probably think of a million ways that this could be extremely bad for the sender. This bug has been spotted on a number of Android units including the Nexus One running Android 2.2. It looks like you have sent your message to the correct recipient from the correct thread, but instead, the text ends up in a different thread, being read by the wrong person.

Despite all of the scenarios you can imagine that would make this bug seem like something that should be exterminated immediately, the Google Code site had it listed as a "Medium" priority which means that despite the 700 comments about it on the site's forum, the Mountain View based company was not considering the bug to be such a terrible thing.

Thanks to the voices of those Android users out there who have had their text messages misdirected, Google has now reconsidered and has moved the SMS bug over to "Critical" which means  that the problem is an "issue that prevents the product from shipping or should be patched in the field." Now at this high a priority, it shouldn't be long before a update for Android 2.2 is sent that allows your SMS to get to the person you intended it for. With 30% of those taking a poll indicating that they have experienced this problem, Google has made the right choice in stepping up the priority.

source: GoogleCode, AndroidHelp via BGR



1. nak1017

Posts: 328; Member since: Jan 08, 2010

Atleast they coped to it

2. Not My Problem unregistered

No there holding the phone the wrong way, it's, "Textgate"!. way to own it google, honesty trumps errogance.

4. JeffdaBeat unregistered

Any company is going to own up to a problem if multiple users report it and the company can't write it off as a fluke. Hell, sometimes they know of the problem, but as long as a large amount of people don't complain, then the company will not proactively do anything about it because it's cheaper sometimes to ignore it. Google is following what any normal company would do. And honestly, it's the same thing Apple did...enough complaints and within...what...two weeks Apple held a press conference.

3. cellgeek82

Posts: 518; Member since: Dec 20, 2009

I have to say from owning and Android and now an iPhone, Android has issues they need to fix before bragging about how cool they are. I admit that Android has some cool features and capabilities but so does Windows. And we all know how glitchy Windows is! To me Android is just another Windows experience. Apple's iPhone has such a great OS and I rarely (if any) have any problems. No device is perfect but the iPhone really does work better. I know the Android fanboys are going to chastise me for saying that but you need to know that I was once an Android fan, but not anymore! Android does...screw up!

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