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Google promises to revise Android 12's ripple effect

Android 12's ripple effect to be toned down
Rejoice, Android enthusiasts, Google is willing to rework the controversial ripple effect that was introduced when interacting with buttons and tapping menu options in the latest Android 12 preview. The "Material You" design language is fresh and reinforces Android's visual identity, but the ripple effect hasn't been received that well by the community, us included.

Some Android users even confused the effect for a bug, which led to the numerous reports in the Android issue tracker. With nearly 170 duplicates of the issue and more than 200 "stars", Google simply couldn't ignore the ripple effect debacle. Shortly after the issue was created, Google officially marked it as "solved" and released the following statement.

So, what does this mean? Is the ripple effect dead? Hardly. If anything, Google sounds dead-set on bringing this ripple effect to Android, but will clearly tone it down and make it less distracting following the negative backlash.

Another feature that seemingly finds its naysayers is the new overscroll feature, which is pretty similar to what iOS had exclusive rights for years on end. You know, you scroll to the bottom of a list, and it bounces up to indicate that it's over. Sounds good on paper, but it's a pretty iOS-like feature that finds some opposition on Android's camp.

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