Google introduces innovative new 'MODE' Android Wear bands

The Pebble Smartwatch is credited with having sparked the recent popularization of wrist-worn gadgetry, though Google's Android Wear has paved the way for a number of OEMs to join the party. Having provided the firmware foundation for the new generation of wearables, the Big G is also looking to help develop the emerging product category by boosting accessory support. The search giant has just unveiled a selection of new bands for Android Wear devices, featuring a neat 'MODE' clipping mechanism that should make them very easy to swap out. 

Hadley Roma is the first and only brand to have jumped on the bandwagon and produced MODE bands. Even so, there's quite an impressive array of styles and sizes for Android Wear-running smartwatch owners to choose from, and the range should continue to broaden once other firms catch the memo. 

The main draw of the MODE technology, as outlined in the video demonstration below, is that swapping straps is simple and painless:

Aside from making life that bit easier, MODE should help to generally increase the selection of Android Wear bands. At a time when tech generally offers a 1-2 year lifespan, your MODE strap will also be good for future smartwatch generations -- that is, if computers of the wrist turn amount to more than a passing fad. And hey, if the smartwatch bubble does happen to burst, you could always recycle your MODE band for use with most traditional timepieces.

As aforementioned, Hadley Roma is the only name to have hitherto released anything as part of the new MODE initiative. However, Google is more than happy for other firms to utilize the MODE mechanics, so long as they follow a set of guidelines and can pass a requisite stress test. 

Prices start at around $50, and the first run of MODE bands are available through the Google Store and Best Buy at the source. 

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