Google improves on three features making it faster and easier to get answers to your search query

Google improves on three features making it faster and easier to get answers to your search query
Google has been quietly improving its Search app by working on three different features that make it easier to learn about the topics that you have an interest in learning more about. For example, when you ask Google to search out information on a very specific topic, the results sometimes come in the form of a Featured Snippet. Using algorithms, these are "quick, relevant" answers to your search query that you would find on the web. Google has started adding more images and related searches dealing with your search. Let's say you searched for Baby Spider Monkey. With the improved Featured Snippet, you'll see more pictures along with with some recommended related links.

Google has also improved the Knowledge Panels in Search to show more related content. For example, let's say you looked up Skiing on Google Search. You will now find links to information about related sports like snowboarding and slalom skiing that you can access from right inside the Google Search app.

Lastly, Google has improved Search so that when you have a question about two related topics, you'll find recommended links at the top of the search results page. Google gives us an example where you might be searching for information on World Cup soccer. If you request a Google Search on Neymar followed by a search for Messi, you will find some other players appearing on the top of the results page, such as Ronaldo and Suarez. By tapping on these additional names,. you can continue your research on soccer stars all during the same search session, all from inside the Google Search results page.

While getting you accurate answers to your questions is still important to Google, getting this information to you in a more timely fashion is also something that the search giant is constantly working on.

source: Google

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