Google developer casually makes an announcement Pixel users have been waiting for

Google developer casually makes announcement Pixel users have been waiting for
Google is a bit behind schedule on the release of the first Developer Preview of Android 15, but it looks like the company won't keep you waiting much longer.

As first spotted by 9to5Google, a comment on the Android Open Source Project by a Google developer says the first Developer Preview will arrive on February 15.

While this by no means is an official confirmation that the first Android 15 preview will drop the day after tomorrow, it seems more likely than not. After all, the latest Android Easter egg suggested that Android 15 was around the corner and Android 14's first preview arrived on February 8 last year, so it was about time for the first developer beta of the next version of the Android operating system.

The developer refers to Android 15 as Android V, the alphabet letter designated for its dessert-themed code name, Vanilla Ice Cream.

Only eligible Pixel devices will be able to download the first Android 15 Developer Preview. Judging by Google's update policy, the Pixel 6 and later devices will get the new OS.

It will be aimed at developers, so it will not give us the full picture of Android 15 and will probably be unstable and full of bugs. Those interested in getting it, including users who are not developers, will have to flash the system image on their phone using their computer. 

If you don't want to go that route, you should wait for the first public beta, which should arrive sometime in April, or wait for the final release, which is the sanest thing to do if you can't stand bugs or don't want the risk of broken features.

Rumors suggest that Android 15 will bring new features such as Private Space, lock screen widgets, comprehensive battery health information, and full-screen apps.

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