Google Stadia lets you play games over 5G on your Android smartphone

Google Stadia lets you play games over 5G on your Android smartphone
With the launch of rival cloud streaming services like Project xCloud and NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia seems to be dead on arrival. Still, as the saying goes, it's not over until the fat lady sings. Google continues to add games to its Stadia Pro lineup each month, but July is a bit of an exception in the fact that the search giant announced one more feature coming to Stadia subscribers.

Starting July 28, Google introduced a new Stadia Experiment that will allow subscribers to play games on Stadia using 4G and 5G networks. Those who wish to try the new feature will have to opt in to cellular play from the Stadia app on their Android phones.

Stadia users can now click on the avatar in the top right corner in the Staid app, choose Experiments, and then select Use Mobile Data. The Experiments tab will house even more beta features in the future as Google keeps adding them, so keep that in mind and check it out from time to time.

We're happy about the option to play games on an Android smartphone over 5G, but if you don't have an unlimited data plan, we don't recommend enabling this feature. Playing games over the cloud uses a lot of data, so you'll probably burn through your quota in a few hours. We'd still choose Wi-Fi over 5G every time, not only due to the heavy data traffic the service requires but also for stability.
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