Google Nexus 7 light bleeding issue being reported

Google Nexus 7 light bleeding issue being reported
And the latest flaw to plague the Google Nexus 7 tablet is a pretty annoying display backlight issue visible regardless of the lighting conditions. The problem was brought up by Twitter user faux123, who noticed that light was bleeding from the side of his unit's display.

Similar irregularities in backlight illumination are not something new. In fact, you might spot them with a naked eye if you look closely at the display of a cheaper handset. In this case, however, the issue is much more prominent, which is why the unlucky owner of this faulty Google Nexus 7 is waiting for a replacement. Oh well, at least he got to be among the first to take the tablet for a spin, albeit only for a short while.

This light bleeding issue comes only a couple of days after Google Nexus 7 owners reported that the screen on their units was not attached tightly enough, requiring them to tighten it with a screwdriver. A couple of weeks ago, image retention problems were spotted as well, although that flaw is likely present on some pre-production units only.

Those of you who have received their Google Nexus 7 tablets already, have you found anything wrong with the device yet? If so, do not hesitate let us know by dropping a comment below.

source: faux123 (Twitter) via PocketNow

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