Google Nexus 7 has separation problem with its screen

Google Nexus 7 has separation problem with its screen
Some owners of the Google Nexus 7 tablet, including some whom are members of the Xda Developer's Forum, have noticed that the screen on the ASUS built device is slowly moving above the plastic bezel over time. In other words, the screen is popping up from the plastic casing. At first, the screen seems to creak when it is pressed, but eventually it starts to show some separation issues. One entrerprising Xda member, jam10238, removed the tablet's back cover and tightened the screws that hold the screen in place.

A few Google Nexus 7 owners decided to copy this maneuver and found upon removing the back cover of their unit, that the screws were quite a few turns away from being sufficiently tightened. While getting a screwdriver and turning the screws (no, we don't recommend the Oppo Finder for this operation) helped some, it didn't solve the problem in every case where there was screen separation.

Instead of doing something to the Google Nexus 7 that you probably should not do, your best bet is to call the retailer or email the on-line app store that you bought it from, and request a replacement unit. Now that the tablet has started shipping in number, you probably won't have to wait terribly long for a replacement. And we would try to avoid saying anything about having a screw loose because someone might take it the wrong way.

If you are the type that must fix it yourself before surrendering to a technician, you can find directions on how to remove the back cover and tighten the screws at the sourcelink.

source: XdaDevelopersForum  via  Phandroid

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