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Google Glass scores a slew of new features, allows you to switch it off with a head nudge


The latest update for Google Glass (XE 20.1) equips the headworn wearable with a number of non-incremental, but nevertheless nifty and useful functionalities, which aim to further improve the overall user experience. Such updates are always welcome, and the latest one for Google Glass makes no difference. Let's go through some of the more notable spic and span additions to Google's $1,500 wearable.

For starters, among the more useful improvements to the firmware is the newly-scored full support for Google Contacts, the starred ones and the most recent 20 of which can be easily accessed in a quick fashion in front of you via a voice command. You can contact them with the aid of Gmail, Hangouts, or a good ol' SMS, it's all up to you. The remainder of your Contact book are just a swipe away, too.

The vital and substantial feature to control your Glass via voice commands has also seen some love. The smartglasses now support a slew of new commands, which further extend its overall functionality. “Play video”, “ Change the volume”, “Make a vignette”, and “Mute my microphone” are just a few of the new commands.

Another neat addition allows you to switch off the headworn wearable with a simple nudge of your head. In order to benefit from this feature, you naturally need to enable it first. Doing do is more than easy – just go to Settings and look for the Head nudge card. Among the other newly-added cards are Nearby Events, which suggests interesting happenings near your current whereabouts, and Currency Converter, which does exactly what its name stands for.

If you are using Google Glass in concert with an Android device, this feature-centric update will arrive as soon as you update the wearable, whereas iOS devotees will have to wait a couple of days before said update lands on their MyGlass app.

source: Google, Glass Community via Engadget
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