Google Glass Explorer Edition using 2011 internals and OS

Google Glass Explorer Edition using 2011 internals and OS
Taking a look at Google Glass Explorer Edition (XE), and especially looking at the pricetag, you would expect the device to be packing some serious internals. But, one of the developers who has gotten in on the early run of Glass has cracked it open and found that when it comes to both the hardware and software, Google Glass Explorer Edition is coming from 2011.

It turns out that the guts of Google Glass has far more in common with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus than with the Galaxy S4 or HTC One. The info comes from the same developer, Jay Lee, who was the first to "root" Glass (although he really didn't "root" anything, he just did an OEM unlock. "Rooting" implies that he did something that the OEM didn't allow, and the XE is a developer device.) 

Apparently, in addition to running 2011's Android 4.0, Google Glass is using a dual-core OMAP 4430 SoC from Texas Instruments running at an undetermined clock speed. Lee also found only 682MB of RAM, but assumes that Glass does have the 1GB that was reported, but only 682MB is available to developers. The overall idea is that the space constraints and battery life are the main factors in Google's choice of processor, and that seems reasonable. Not to mention, Glass doesn't need all that much processing power, as long as it can capture video and run Hangouts.

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