Google Contacts tests new "Besties Widget" for easy access to favorites

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Google is working on a new widget for its Contacts app, called the "Besties Widget," which will let users easily access their favorite contacts. This update is part of Google's ongoing efforts to improve the Contacts app and its associated features.

The new widget is designed to be similar to the existing "Favorite contacts" widget, which displays up to seven of your most frequently contacted people. Tapping on a contact opens their full details page, where you can see their contact information, recent interactions, and other relevant information.

The "Besties Widget" is still in development, but it appears that it will function similarly to the "Favorite contacts" widget. It will also show starred contacts and may replace the existing widget as development continues.

Current "Favorite contacts" widget vs. "Besties widget" currently in development | Images credit — 9to5Google

This new widget is being developed at the app level, rather than the system level, which should allow for more frequent updates and improvements. This approach could lead to the "Besties Widget" eventually replacing the default Android Conversations widget, offering a more streamlined and personalized way to access your favorite contacts.

Google has been actively updating its Contacts app in recent months, with a particular focus on improving the widget experience. The Individual contact widget, which displays information for a single contact, was recently updated to show notifications, making it easier to stay on top of your communications.

In addition to the "Besties Widget," Google is also working on other updates to the Contacts app. For example, the Individual contact widget may be expanded to include features like quick actions for calling or messaging a contact, as well as integration with other Google services like Maps and Calendar.

Google's new Besties Widget for the Contacts app is a promising development that could offer users a more convenient way to access and interact with their favorite contacts. However, it is important to note that this information is based on current development work and is subject to change. Google may introduce additional features or modifications to it as development continues.

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