Bummer, your Galaxy S9 may depreciate 50% soon after launch, study shows

Decluttr, a buyback site, has compiled a chart that shows how fast are our high-end smartphones depreciating after you buy them brand new at full price. Surprise, surprise, it's a lot, as you can see in the graphic above. While it's a tech buyback service, meaning that you have to add the company's margin to the numbers mentioned, you can still expect a hefty chunk of the price you paid to go the way of the dodo in the first few months after the respective handset is released.

The statistics showed that the S8, which launched at $720 MSRP, just like the S9, could be bought back for 46% of that in the first month after launch, and that's when the largest value loss usually occurs, with subsequent months showing only 1-2% depreciation on average. Decluttr found out that iPhones hold their ground a bit better overall, compared to Androids, but it's still a carnage in Apple's land, too. The iPhone 8 depreciated by 49% in the first month after launch, while the X made do with "just" 41%. 

Buyback services like Decluttr are not the best yardsticks when it comes to remaining value, as you can get much more money from your used handset on Craigslist or eBay (on average $380 for the S8 compared to $290 from Decluttr currently), yet they are still a good gauge for overall comparison, and save you the hassles of dealing with shady buyers

The moral of the story? If you wait just a month after the launch of a high-end handset, and buy it in excellent condition afterwards, the largest chunk of its depreciation will be left for the early adopter.

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