Buyers, beware of iPhone X replicas, or you may end up paying $880 for... Android

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A grand will get you the iPhone X in the Apple Store, but if you want a similar-looking Android, you can save some money, and go with $880 instead. Not that the Chandler, Arizona couple that bought an iPhone X on OfferUp wanted to go the Android way, but just so it happened. 

The buyers thought that the listed price is close enough to a grand to be legit, and went to see the goods. There was a serial number and everything on the box, so they called and checked it with Apple before buying, so as not to ruin the wrapping. After they got an affirmative from Apple on the IMEI number, money exchanged hands, as the seller had positive feedback on OfferUp, and everyone went on their merry way.

When the couple went to activate the phone on Cricket, though, they unwrapped the handset,only to find a near-perfect replica of the iPhone X, but with a different processor... and Android inside. "The seller had history on OfferUp - over 27 things they've sold and all positive reviews," said Jesse Arnold who got the phone, but, needless to say, they couldn't be reached afterwards. 

On the plus side, the "horns" around the "notch" of the HiPhone are part of all apps, and the handset is seemingly capable of software updates, so not all is lost. Word to the wise - no matter if you buy an iPhone X in a dingy supermarket cafeteria, or from a "reputed" OfferUp seller, the chances that you will get one for less than what Apple asks for it, are pretty slim, plus you might get roughed up in the process, and not only psychologically.

source: ABC

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