Galaxy S5 Prime said to arrive in June with a Quad HD display to tackle the LG G3 directly

Galaxy S5 Prime said to arrive in June with a Quad HD display, tackle the LG G3 directly
The alleged Galaxy S5 Prime might have been busted as non-existent by Samsung execs, but they didn't deny the existence of a "luxury" F-line in the making. It is supposed to start with a flagship that will have top-shelf specs like a Quad HD display, a more premium design, and higher price, and will eventually come in limited quantities. Sounds like a recipe for success for those who are jonesing for a more appealing design from a Samsung flagship, plus the company will get to have a direct rival to the LG G3, which is widely rumored to have a Quad HD screen in its turn.

The quantity limitation of the premium phone, however, is now reported by Korean media to come naturally, as Samsung is simply not able to produce Super AMOLED displays with 1440x2560 pixels of resolution in meaningful quantities to satisfy the sales forecast of a blockbuster handset. Moreover, such a panel costs much more to produce than a QHD screen based on the LCD technology, which LG is said to be using for the G3.

The yield and cost issues around the alleged 5.2" QHD AMOLED screen made it prohibitive to use for the Galaxy S5 itself, as it will likely be selling in the tens of millions, so Samsung decided to put it in a more upscale phone that is about to be released in June, reports the publication. "Samsung Electronics was supposed to use a QHD display for its Galaxy S5, but it failed due to the high cost. As the Galaxy S5 Prime will be rolled out in small quantities, it is highly likely that QHD will be adopted," the source claims, so LG might have a real competitor to the G3 very soon after its introduction.

source: KoreaHerald via G4Games

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