Froyo is installed in more devices than any other Android build

Froyo is installed in more devices than any other Android build
While fragmentation still plagues Android, it is not the issue that it once was. Thanks to the large number of newly launched Android devices and the number of older models that have been upgraded, Android 2.2 is now installed on 63.9% of Android devices, up from 61.3%. That is followed by the 27.2% of Android phones carrying Android 2.1 after a 2 point drop. Still, that means more than 90% of the handsets are concentrated in just two builds, certainly not what one would call fragmentation.

Surprisingly, 3.5% of  phones running Google's open source OS are still powered by Android 1.6 while 2.7% have Android 1.5 under the hood. But what about the newer Gingerbread versions? Android 2.3 can be found on .8% of Android phones while Android 2.3.3 represents 1.7% of the outstanding handsets. The Honeycomb build, optimized for tablets, is on .2% of Android devices.

As time passes, you can expect the older builds to start dropping off in numbers and as Android users start to replace their older models with newer dual-core, 4G enabled phones, we should see the majority of Android phones running Froyo and higher. Considering the features that Android 2.2 brings to the table, it will be some time before that build starts to drop off significantly, but the percentage of devices running Eclair should drop sharply as 2011 comes to a close.

source: AndroidDevelopers



7. D2balla unregistered

I agree they should all have stock and you can download roms that come with your brand. it would be alot easier you know like the iphone

6. jp unregistered

Anyone want to shove a Samsung Fascinate up there A-- I have one you can use

5. Proprietary_Android unregistered

This shows why Google needs an "anti-fragmentation" program. To ensure that the latest updates and upgrades get on devices asap. There's no reason any device running 2.1 or 2.2 shouldn't have 2.3 already.

4. ecml

Posts: 129; Member since: Mar 23, 2010

I think all of the updates should be stocked so that there wouldn't be very much delays on updates and for the OS to not have so much lag...

3. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

and lets see how the numbers lower when the xperia X10 jumps from its 2.1 version to 2.3... most important devices will be above 2.2 by may i say

2. justme unregistered

Hmmmm...what would be a quick way to boost those Froyo numbers? Can you think of anything, Samsung and VZW? Anything? Crickets?

1. bling bling unregistered

htc guys im waiting for 2.3 for my desire (bravo) give it to me and those guys who will thumb up this post for their monsters

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