Free V-Bucks, skins and Fortnite on Android debut, are you getting the Note 9?

On Monday, we got a tip from a carrier employee who claimed that Samsung reps have detailed the Galaxy Note 9 selling points to them, and a chief one has been its gaming prowess, advertised by the release debut of Fortnite Mobile on Android. Here's the exact scoop, spelling and all:

We didn't think much of it, as we get such claims by the boatloads, and it's hard to corroborate from at least two independent sources every time. Fast forward a few days, however, and there have been separate reports confirming that Fortnite on Android will launch exclusively on the Note 9, and stay there for a certain period. Moreover, the part where Fortnite Mobile on the Note 9 will work with the Samsung DeX docking solution, which will now be built in, instead of requiring a DeX Pad or DeX Station to work, was also confirmed.

The part with the dedicated GPU is still a bit murky, as Samsung's rumored groundbreaking graphics chip for mobile is not expected to make a cameo before the Galaxy S10, and only on the Exynos models. Qualcomm, however, was recently tipped to announce Adreno Turbo technology, similar to the one Huawei announced for its Kirin chipsets not long ago, which would allow existing embedded graphics in Snapdragon processors to receive a driver boost that will increase performance but keep power consumption under wraps (why hasn't this instruction update been there in the first place remains to be heard).

Long story short, Samsung will apparently be trying to set the Note 9 apart with as a gaming phone this time and is not sparing partnership money to do it. This is why we wanted to ask you if the exclusive Fortnite Mobile, free V-Bucks and skins, upgraded graphics and easier game streaming that are coming with the Note 9, will entice you better to buy the phone that is reported to cost close to a grand again.

Free V-Bucks, skins and Fortnite on Android debut, are you getting the Note 9?

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