Samsung's leaked concept video inspires foldable Flex phone design art

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Samsung's flexible phone announcement is fast approaching and the suspense is killing us. Will it be an out- or in-folding, vertical opening like the patents, or horizontal like on the prototype Samsung demoed on stage? Maybe it will actually look like the seamless concept in the leaked promo video above that someone snatched around Samsung's Vietnamese factory the other day?

Well, that last possibility has been thoroughly entertained by the render masters at LetsGoDigital, and our Dutch partners have made an intriguing concept of what the Samsung Flex, or whatever it gets called, may look like.

The design rendering is a bit blocky and rough around the edges but the imaginable bendy phone of Samsung is depicted as it is most likely to look like in its general in-folding form. All rumors so far point to a 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display when unfurled, paired with a secondary 4.6-inch panel on the outside for everyday tasks.

While the concept renders here don't seem to depict these eventual diagonals to the letter, especially for the outside screen, it still transmits the added value of the handset that would justify its $1500+ price point. For Samsung, that seems to be the unique form factor that brings abilities like running three different apps at once, or unfurling the Flex in a tablet-sized media consumption machine when you need it for watching videos or browsing. Do you like what you are seeing here?

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