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Five people arrested over kidney-for-iPad affair in China

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Five people arrested over kidney-for-iPad affair in China
Last year, we were shocked at the news of a 17-year-old Chinese teenager selling his kidney just to get the iPad 2, and while the price of the second-generation tablet has dropped by now, the value of a kidney has not, and the health of the teen is deteriorating.

At the same time, the Chinese authorities have now arrested and are charging five people over the illegal surgery.

One of the arrested, He Wei, gave the boy nearly $3,500, a mere 10% of the overall sum of $35,000 he was paid for that kidney. He was the one that paid all others involved as well.

The terrible idea sprang into the boy’s mind after he learned that it was possible to sell a kidney for money, and unfortunately his blind gadget crave and inexperience resulted in him selling his kidney. He allegedly only told his mother after he started feeling ill, a week or so after the surgery.

source: TechInAsia

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