Fitify is the first third-party app for Huawei smartwatches

Fitify is the first third-party app for Huawei smartwatches
Huawei smartphones may be banned in the US but smartwatches and other wearable devices are running the company’s proprietary LiteOS and don’t breach any restrictions. Furthermore, Huawei smartwatches sport top-notch hardware and their battery can last for days. The only problem is the limited number of apps on the LiteOS but that’s about to change.

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Huawei has just announced the first third-party app for wearable devices, and it’s big news for a number of reasons. First, this goes to show that the company is shifting its focus towards the wearable market, at least outside China. And that’s perfectly understandable, considering that the US trade ban isn’t going away anytime soon.

Second, the decision to open its wearable platform for third-party developers could bring Huawei smartwatches to the next level - providing software content for what is already really solid hardware. The integration of the Fitify app, which is a popular fitness app with millions of users from around the world, is meant to start a new wave of third-party apps coming to Huawei wearables.

Fitify is now available for all Huawei Watch GT 2 Pro users, and Huawei said it plans to offer a "one-stop, full-spectrum operational support for all app content providers" that decide to hop on and develop apps for Huawei wearable devices.

That’s really cool, we enjoyed our time with the Watch GT 2 Pro and it was hampered only by the lack of apps to show the watch’s true capabilities. Hopefully, the list of third-party apps will grow exponentially and we’ll get another big competitor in the wearable space. Competition is always a good thing!
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