First Sprint LTE tower cluster is now operational

First Sprint LTE tower cluster is now operational
Sprint officially announced that its very first LTE tower cluster is now operational, thus marking yet another significant milestone in its Network Vision plan. The said tower array blankets the town of Kankakee, Illinois, which is located 60 miles south of Chicago. What Sprint also said is that field testing of its LTE infrastructure has been completed, meaning that the aggressive LTE rollout it announced earlier this year is still on track.

However, don't go popping any champagne bottles yet because it will take until mid-2012 for an LTE device to launch on Sprint. And nobody said it would be a smartphone or a tablet – instead, it could be a USB dongle or a wireless hotspot. Further announcements regarding the status of the carrier's LTE network are expected to be made in early 2012.

But deploying its LTE equipment is not the only task that has been keeping Sprint busy lately. The carrier stated that its 3G network has been given a boost from coast to coast, which is great news for all of those Sprint iPhone 4S owners that have been dealing with sub-par 3G speeds for quite a while now. Furthermore, besides improving data speeds, the improvements that the carrier made to its 3G network should result in fewer dropped calls for its subscribers. More information on Sprint's most significant achievements for 2011 is available in the press release below.

source: Sprint via Engadget

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