Firefox for Android Marketplace open to developers, early adopters

Firefox for Android Marketplace open to developers, early adopters
The latest Aurora version of the Firefox for Android browser is now available, and along with this build comes Firefox for Android Marketplace. Users can browse the store looking for mobile web apps while developers can show off their apps. The apps can be run in full-screen mode and can also be linked to the home screen. Some of the early apps available in the Firefox for Android Marketplace include SoundCloud,Twitter, Distant Orbit and Jauntly.

Firefox engineering manager Bill Walker says that the goal of opening the Marketplace now is to get real life feedback about the design, usability and performance of the store. Not only will the Firefox Marketplace make its way through the Aurora and Beta builds of the Firefox for Android browser, it also will be an important part of the new Firefox OS for mobile devices. Developers will be able to use APIs for submitting an app, marketing it and collecting payments. In addition, Mozilla would like developers to use technologies like  HTML, JavaScript and CSS." A tutorial has been developed to help developers get started and all you need to do to get there is to click on the sourcelink.

Does the world need another mobile OS and another Marketplace? Will there be enough innovation to separate it from the others?  Can the mobile population allow more than two mobile OS to thrive at one time? With upstarts like Firefox battling it out with more seasoned platforms like Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10, the next 365 days are going to be very interesting.

source: Mozilla via TechCrunch


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