Federal agent who knocked Google Glass off a movie goer's face was from Homeland Security

Federal agent who knocked Google Glass off a movie goer's face was from Homeland Security
You surely remember the plight of one Tiberiu Ungureanu, who was at an AMC Theater watching Jack Ryan, when all of a sudden he was approached by a shield carrying federal agent. The object of the agent's focus was the Google Glass that he pulled off of Ungureanu's face. The Google Glass Explorer was detained and questioned for 4 hours. Keep in mind that this was not the first time that he had worn the connected specs at that particular theater, and they did carry prescription lenses which he needed to view the movie.

Now that the ordeal is over, Ungureanu calls himself an "ignorant idiot" as he didn't give the recording feature on Glass a second thought. In fact, he calls the camera the least interesting feature of the specs. After he found someone to make prescription lenses for the device, he started wearing it all the time, living in that world called Augmented Reality.

Since this took place in litigious America, friends have told Ungureanu to sue, but he refuses to entertain that notion. And the FBI itself revealed that the Glass owner works for the Bureau when it denied being involved in the incident. The FBI called him a liaison who works in "the cyber field". And that makes his ignorance of Glass' capability to pirate a movie all the more odd.

The agency involved in the matter was actually the Immigration and Customs Enforcement department, part of the Department of Homeland Security. ICE is involved in international piracy cases in connection with the Motion Picture Association of America. Officials from the latter association were in the theater along with Ungureanu at the time he was watching Jack Ryan, and they were the ones who contacted ICE.

Hmmm. Overzealous agents detain and interrogate a guy 4 hours for wearing Google Glass in a theater. Could be a movie screenplay in there somewhere.

source: BusinessInsider

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