Federal Agent removes Google Glass off a movie goer's head

Federal Agent removes Google Glass off a movie goer's head
Imagine you're sitting in the AMC Theater in the Easton Mall in Columbus, Ohio. You enjoying the movie Jack Ryan when an hour into the film, a federal agent is towering above you. Oh, did we mention that you're wearing Google Glass at the time? Without even a howdy do, the agent rips the connected specs off of your face and ejects you from the theater.

Outside the theater, this poor Google Glass Explorer is surrounded by as many as ten cops, and found himself being questioned for 3 hours. It seems that the Federal Agents were afraid that this guy was illegally filming the movie wearing Google Glass. And while you do have to feel sorry for the poor guy, in this day and age when the complete version of the Disney hit Frozen can be found online, you can understand why the agents responded as they did.

But in defense of the Glass wearer, people do bring their smartphones into a movie all of the time, and last we checked, you can record videos using that device as well. The version of Glass that the man was wearing was the prescription glass type which means that he needed to wear them to see the movie clearly. And most importantly, to make sure that there were no problems, the man had his connected specs turned off in advance. Just to make sure that there were no hard feelings, the Movie Association handed the man two free tickets to an upcoming film.

Afterward, some information came out that hinted that some pirating had been going on in the past in that particular theater, and with Jack Ryan considered to be a film at risk to be illegally duplicated, there were undercover agents present at that particular screening. Right away they came to the faulty conclusion that the guy wearing Glass has to be illegally filming the movie.

As the device becomes more mainstream, you can expect to hear more stories like this one. Law enforcement in America has a habit of lashing out at things that they don't understand, like Google Glass.

source: Phandroid

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