Federal Judge rules against Apple as HTC's patents will stand

Federal Judge rules against Apple as HTC's patents will stand
Apple and HTC are currently battling each other in Federal Court over-what else?-patents.In this case, it is HTC that is suing Apple claiming infringement on patents related to LTE technology. The Taiwan based manufacturer was, after all, the first to bring a touchscreen LTE enabled model to the U.S. and the patents involved are considered by HTC to be "critical" to the how the technology functions.

The problem, as Apple sees it, is that HTC purchased the IP from ADC Telecommunications in April 2011 for $75 million. Apple asked the court to rule that the patents are invalid because HTC purchased them just to aggressively use them in court. Judge Thomas Pender shot down that argument quickly and clearly. Apple does have a potential low-rent exit possible. The patents could qualify for FRAND pricing under which Apple would be allowed to license them at a fair price.

If HTC wins the case, they will have the right to seek an import ban in the U.S. for the Apple iPhone if it comes to market with LTE connectivity, and the latest LTE enabled model of the Apple iPad. With this much at stake, Apple is probably not going to get as aggressive in court as it did with its patent fight against Samsung.

There was one light moment in court on Friday when Judge Pender asked Apple lawyer Michael McKeon if the new version of Apple's iconic touchscreen phone was going to be introduced next week. McKeon said that he wasn't privy to that information. Judge Pender then asked, "It will be thinner and the screen bigger?"and McKeon responded, “That’s what the blogs are saying."

source: Bloomberg,TalkAndroid via Phandroid


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