Father of Linux gives Google Nexus 7 a thumbs up, OEM Android skins a thumbs down

Father of Linux gives Google Nexus 7 a thumbs up, OEM Android skins a thumbs down
Linus Torvalds is the father of Linux and as such, he has a unique perspective on gadgets and devices like the Google Nexus 7. So what does Torvalds think of the ASUS built table? He calls it "solid" and his impression of the tablet is "so far, very positive." Linus had posted the comments on his Google+ page and starts off by agreeing with the decision by ASUS not to include a rear-facing camera saying that at the price point that the tablet is offered at, any rear-facing camera would be "nasty". Besides, as he points out, those who use tablets to take pictures look like "a complete dork".

When it comes to Android, Torvalds favors the stock look and doesn't like the various OEM skins comparing them to "pee in the snow" adding that they make Android "look and act terribly" just for the sake of the manufacturers aiming to differentiate themselves from each other. So this is why he likes the stock Android on the Google Nexus 7. Besides being smoother (thanks to Android 4.1's Project Butter) he likes what has been kept on Jelly Bean like app folder shortcuts and resizable widgets.

So what size tablet screen does Torvalds favor? He thinks 10 inches is too big and that while 8.9 inches is better, something between 7 inches and 8.9 inches is best. He adds that the alleged 7.85 inch size of the display on the rumored mini-Apple iPad sounds good, too. He states that if you don't like tablets or Android, the Google Nexus 7 won't change your mind. But if you're on the borderline, Torvalds believes that the quality of the Google Nexus 7, despite its low price, is enough to win you over.

source: LinusTorvalds via AndroidAuthority

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